I’m An ENELL Ambassador!

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Exciting news from my little corner of the web, I am an ENELL Ambassador!

enell emailI was thrilled beyond belief to be selected among the first group of 17 ENELL Ambassadors! I am still in denial – love this company and love their product.  ENELL Sports Bras were engineered for women C cup and up to remain active. If you ask me, in running along with shoes, the right bra is a key. For us large chested gals, ENELL has us covered for stability and chaffing issues.


This model is my aspiration take note!

This model is my aspiration take note!

What does this mean for me? I get some free bra’s and gear to wear at races to represent Enell, yes I am ECSTATIC! As an Ambassador, ENELL will sponsor me for some races as I represent them on the course.

What does this mean for you?  Oh…. stay tuned, its coming y’all.

ENELLl is a fun company with a great sense of humor.  Check out their Facebook and Instagram for some chuckles like the one I took below from their Facebook page.

boob humorAs someone who was the first person to develop in grade school lets say I have always had a love hate relationship with “the Girls”, whether having to pin the pucker between buttons on my button down school uniform or watching people talk to my chest, and feeling self conscious about the cut of a dress showing too much.  When I first ran back in ’99, I did the double bra thing, it was EXHAUSTING getting on two super tight bras to hold the girls in place.  Luckily, I learned there was an alternative, a great one. With ENELL Bras, I KNOW I can run and work out in confidence things are where they need to be.   No more double bras, no more working up a sweat to put it on or take it off…they make it easy and any sport possible for the well endowed!

I am looking forward to representing a company whose goal is to help women of all sizes get and stay active – and one that has fun along the way.  I am humbled to be included in this amazing group of women.

And remember, no matter what you call them, ENELL is there to support you all the way.

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    CONGRATS! Love your post and happy to be “working” with you as a fellow ENELL Ambassador! I also felt very honored to be chosen, especially since I am absolutely NOT a fitness blogger! Look forward to this journey with you!

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      Well I am not exactly a fitness blogger either, seems like lately I just complain about motivation LOL. I think you are gonna be fab and I can’t wait to share this with you, loved your post announcing your ambassadorship! Here’s to a great year together!